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K-State Slate: 3.9.12


K-State Basketball

Unlike the previous two meetings between K-State and Baylor this season, yesterday's matchup was not decided by a single possession. It was within single digits, but that was just for appearances. Behind Perry Jones III's 31 points, Baylor cruised to an easy 82-74 win.

The loss wasted one of Jordan Henriquez's best games as a Wildcat, as the junior center scored 22 points and grabbed 14 rebounds.

This team probably isn't going to win many games where Jamar Samuels fails to grab a single rebound in almost 30 minutes of action.

Sam Mellinger wonders if this is as good as K-State can be under Frank Martin. While I really like Mellinger's writing in general, this isn't some of his best work. We all have some questions about K-State and Frank Martin, but in a season where the best point guard is a true freshman and the team is trying to replace players like Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly, a 10-8 finish in the Big 12 and an NCAA Tournament appearance is pretty acceptable.

K-State Women's Basketball

The Wildcats scored 34 more points than they did last time against Iowa State, notching a 67-63 win in the Big 12 Tournament.

Big 12 Tournament Results

Thursday was not a day for close games. KU pushed Texas A&M around in an 83-66 romp, and Missouri steamrolled Oklahoma State in an 88-70 win that wasn't anywhere near as close as it looked, before Iowa State choked away a second-half lead in a 71-65 loss to Texas that may have salvaged the Longhorns' season.