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K-State Slate: 3.7.12


This is going to be a short Slate entry...

K-State Basketball

I, too, hope K-State can play consistently well and avoid the wild swings we've seen all year. But given that we've seen this all year, I think we probably know who we are by now. But maybe we'll catch lightning in a bottle this week.

In a three-games-in-three-days tournament, K-State's depth could come in handy. Frank Martin has shortened the rotation since February 1, but this team has more players with quality game minutes than just about anyone in the Big 12.

Stan Weber will always have a place as the first guy to whom Frank Martin directs the first of his halftime anger.

Bill takes a look at the Big 12 tournament, and you may like his darkhorse pick. Or you may think he's disrespecting that school by calling them a darkhorse.