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K-State Slate: 3.29.12


K-State Basketball

Nobody knows who is on it, but John Currie has a list of coaches he will look at to replace Frank Martin. He's had this list since he interviewed with university president Kirk Schulz for the job, although it's been revised since then.

The goEMAW guys were all aboard the Bruce Pearl bandwagon, but that appears to have changed with the prevailing sentiment that Pearl won't be considered for the job.

Prized K-State recruit Robert Upshaw won't be following Frank Martin to South Carolina, but he won't be playing in Manhattan, Kan., either.

In honor of Pan's new coaching obsession, here is the coaching bio for Duke assistant Steve Wojciechowski, or as Pan likes to say, #WojoMojo.

Big 12 Basketball

KU has lost two assistants to other coaching jobs. Barry Hinson is returning to the Missouri Valley to coach a team that wears a strange crimson color, but this time it will be Southern Illinois instead of (Southwest) Missouri State. All indications are that Danny Manning is headed to Tulsa for his first head coaching job.

Big 12 Baseball

Crimson and Cream Machine has a good update on Big 12 baseball as of this week.


Spencer envisions Frank Martin coaching football with Steve Spurrier this fall in Columbia, S.C.