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K-State Slate: 3.26.12


K-State Basketball

Today, we commence Week 2 of the Frank Watch. Kevin Haskin kicks it off with a look at the reasons why Martin may consider South Carolina, as well as the reasons he may not.

Pan linked to it yesterday, but it's worth repeating: Rob Cassidy's article about the relationship between Martin and John Currie is well worth a read.

Curtis Kitchen comes down on the opposite side of the Frank/Currie debate, and his post from Friday night is well worth a read.

Kitchen also posted on Friday that Will Spradling is transferring from K-State. Shortly thereafter, Spradling posted on Twitter that he has not been granted a release from K-State. Notably, he did not say he had not asked for a release from K-State. I don't think any of us would be all that surprised to see Spradling exit stage left at this point.

K-State Baseball

Once again, K-State couldn't turn a Friday win into a series victory. The Wildcats knocked off Texas on Friday night, but lost in extra innings on Saturday and went down 8-5 on Sunday. At 2-4, K-State is tied for fifth in the Big 12 standings. It's early, and the first two opponents have been UT and Texas A&M, so there's still room for improvement. Next up for the Bat Cats is the team with which they are tied, as K-State travels to Norman next weekend.

Big 12 Basketball

Baylor came back and made it look respectable in the end, but for most of the game the Bears didn't look like they belonged on the same court as Kentucky. The Wildcats ended the Bears' season with an 82-70 loss in Atlanta.

Despite Baylor's poor showing, the Big 12 will have one representative in the Final Four in New Orleans. KU shut down North Carolina in the last 10 minutes and advanced with an 80-67 victory.