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K-State Slate: 3.23.12


Thanks to Anon for handling the links yesterday.

K-State Basketball

Kevin Haskin jumps into the Jamar Samuels controversy. No grand pronouncements here, but something is definitely amiss when a fifth-year senior misses his final game over $200.

Anon posted John Currie's press release on the Jamar Samuels situation yesterday. Today, the newspaper guys take a look at Currie's statement.

When does college football start again?

Spencer Hall takes a look at what would make the ideal stadium for generating ear-splitting noise. In other news, we are still more than five months away from kickoff.

I like the sentiment, but...

Baylor beat Colorado last week in the NCAA Tournament to advance to the Sweet 16. Ordinarily, this would be neither surprising nor noteworthy, but it was the first meeting in a major sport between a current Big 12 school and a school that left during conference realignment. In the waning moments of a comfortable win, Baylor fans chanted "Big 12 rejects" at Colorado. As SB Nation's Jason Kirk explains, that doesn't make sense on a lot of levels.