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M - I - Z ... N - S - U !!!
M - I - Z ... N - S - U !!!

This inaugural edition of TOURNEY WATCH covers the first second round of the NCAA Tournament.

Clearly, it's already a little out of date for part of the NCAA bracket, but I'd prefer to publish a separate edition with all the second third-round results together just to keep things straight.

There is no CBI, CIT or NIT coverage because apparently none of K-State's opponents were invited to any of those tournaments ... which is just fine with me, as I'd rather not pay any attention to them anyway.

Overall Record = 22-10

Big 12 Record = 10-8

Top 50 Record = 6-6

RPI = 49

SOS = 56

Signature Wins (RPI 1-30) = Missouri (2), Baylor, Southern Miss

Quality Wins (RPI 31-100) = Alabama, Long Beach State, Texas

Bad Losses (RPI 101 or greater) = Oklahoma (2)