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K-State Slate: 3.15.12


K-State Slate

Syracuse and Fab Melo have been the talk of the East Regional thus far, but K-State is focusing on Southern Mississippi. The Wildcats take on the Golden Eagles this morning at 11:40 a.m. CDT in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Rodney McGruder's serious side has pushed him to where he is now, the leading scorer for a team in the NCAA Tournament and in position to be the first person in his family to graduate from college.

Southern Miss is concerned about dealing with the length of Jordan Henriquez in the middle. They should be, as I doubt there are many players like him in Conference USA.

As Angel Rodriguez goes, so goes K-State, generally. The freshman point guard is ready to lead K-State in the NCAA Tournament.

USM guard Neil Watson is a Kansas City, Kan., native, and knows Will Spradling well from pre-college basketball.

Everyone remembers Larry Eustachy and his fearsome Iowa State teams that won two straight Big 12 championships in the early 2000s. Everyone also remembers Eustachy's public fall from grace. Since then, it's been divorce court and rehab, and a move to Hattiesburg, Miss. Since then, it's been a long climb back to where he is today, which is back in the NCAA Tournament.

With West Virginia also playing in Pittsburgh, Frank Martin and Bob Huggins have had a chance to reunite.

This is Jamar Samuels's last shot with K-State. Whenever this season ends for K-State and Samuels, I know one BOTC moderator who will suddenly find the room a little dusty.