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K-State Slate: 3.1.12


Let the Madness begin...

K-State Basketball

Despite the discussion in yesterday's Slate thread about whether Rodney McGruder is the key to K-State's success (and he is), double-doubles for Jamar Samuels are much more strongly correlated with K-State success than almost anything McGruder does.

K-State Women's Basketball

K-State suffered a game-long scoring drought and lost to Iowa State, 57-33, last night.

As of today, women's basketball bracketologists have K-State in the NCAA Tournament. It would help to finish the season strong, though.

Big 12 Roundup

Missouri's greatest senior class in my lifetime eked out a 76-72 win over Iowa State on Senior Night at Mizzou Arena.

Texas did what K-State couldn't and got a win over Oklahoma last night, 72-64. The Longhorns are still alive for the NCAA Tournament.

Some Mizzou journalists are a little bitter

There's nothing better than someone who doesn't know what he's talking about spouting off. Some guy named Bernie Miklasz from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is a little unhappy that Missouri was treated unfairly with regard to its Big 12 buyout. Sorry, but when you wait until as late in the game as Missouri did and you put the conference at risk of losing a billion-dollar TV contract, you're going to be treated differently.

I also like this "elite conference" that "treats all members fairly" stuff we keep hearing. The SEC is without a doubt the premier football conference in the country, but anyone who watched the Big 12 this year knows it wasn't far behind. I'm not even going to discuss basketball, because we all know how the two conferences stack up in bouncyhoops. And I know I've said it before, but for being treated so goddamn unfairly, somehow Missouri has a top-10 basketball team this year and went to an Elite 8 within the last five years, and has won 48 football games in the last five years. The injustice of it all. As much as I'll miss having Bill and RPT and some others as fans of a fellow conference team, I'm going to be so happy to be rid of the fan boys that cover Missouri in the mainstream media.