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K-State Slate: 2.9.12


K-State Football

K-State has promoted Tom Hayes to defensive coordinator. Mike Cox, who was part of Washington's debacle of a defensive effort against Baylor in the Alamo Bowl, will be hired as a linebackers coach.

K-State Women's Basketball

Texas A&M got revenge and then some for K-State's upset win in Manhattan earlier this year. The Aggies beat K-State by 31 in College Station last night.


The Jacksonville Jaguars hired Ron Prince as an assistant line coach.

Big 12 Basketball

KU overwhelmed Baylor with a 37-7 run that spanned the middle 20 minutes of the game and rolled to a 68-54 win over the Bears in Waco.

College Football Playoff

SB Nation's Jason Kirk takes a look at the Big 10's four-team playoff proposal and concludes that it's good for everybody.