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K-State Slate: 2.8.12


K-State Basketball

In one of the ugliest and least entertaining basketball games I've ever seen, K-State beat Texas Tech, 65-46. Between the poor shooting (the teams had six field goals apiece in the first half, Tech had five in the second), inability to hold on to the ball (the teams combined for 36 turnovers, with Tech accounting for 22 of those) and the look-at-me officiating (John Higgins FTW), all involved did everything in their power to make sure the game had no flow at all.

Tech threw a triangle-and-two defense at K-State in the first half and the Wildcats did not respond well. Fortunately, Tech responded even more poorly to K-State's pressuring man defense.

Jamar Samuels won't be sad that there are no more games with Texas Tech. His season stats against the Red Raiders are nine fouls and one point.

K-State Football

Rob Cassidy tweeted last night that K-State will promote Tom Hayes to defensive coordinator to replace Chris Cosh.

Big 12 Basketball

Oklahoma State got a 69-67 win in Stillwater over Iowa State behind the late-game heroics of Le'Bryan Nash. K-State is now just one game behind the Cyclones in the conference standings.