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K-State Slate: 2.3.12


K-State Football

Despite the lack of fanfare, K-State signed a solid football recruiting class. The group was heavy on high school seniors, which should help build long-term depth.

Recruiting is just one aspect of running a college football program. Player development is just as important, and Bill Snyder and his staff have made a very nice living by specializing in that aspect.

K-State Basketball

After Tuesday's disappointing loss at Iowa State, the Wildcats need to rebound quickly and get ready for improving Texas A&M, who visits Bramlage on Saturday for the final time.

Big Game Saturday

Maybe you don't give a damn about Saturday's Border War in Columbia. But even if you don't, tthis piece by RMN's Michael Atchison is worth a readd for what it says about all rivalries, not just the Border War.

West Virginia

A West Virginia judge refused to stay West Virginia University's lawsuit against the Big East while the Big East's later-filed lawsuit in Rhode Island is pending. The circumstances surrounding this litigation is just strange.