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K-State Slate: 2.29.12


K-State Basketball

Rodney McGruder powered K-State to a 76-70 win over Texas A&M last night in college station. McGruder poured in 26 points, including 19 in the first half and a dagger from the corner with 2:26 left in the game.

Here's the notebook from last night, including an old coaching connection between Frank Martin and Billy Kennedy.

Buyout Life

Missouri and Texas A&M will pay the Big 12 Conference $12.4 million per school for their decision to leave the Big 12 Conference. It's not the $30 million per school that was discussed last fall, but anyone who thought the Big 12 was really going to get $30 million per school had no idea how these things work.

NCAA Tournament

It's not as in-depth as Morse's posts, but SB Nation's Mike Rutherford brings you up to speed on who to watch (and cheer for) in the upcoming conference tournaments. Enjoy, college basketball fans, the best time of the season is upon us.

Something in the water in Lubbock

Texas Tech football coach Tommy Tuberville has been named a defendant in a federal fraud lawsuit. Note to self: do not accept offer to coach Texas Tech's football team, as it will entangle you in litigation at some point.