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K-State Slate: 2.24.12


K-State/Big 12 Basketball

The Columbia Tribune's Steve Walentik has his Big 12 power poll out for this week, with K-State checking in at No. 5. At the risk of jinxing K-State against Iowa State tomorrow, I think the Wildcats should be at No. 4, having a better overall résumé and playing better right now. And it's not like K-State got blown out by ISU in Ames a month ago. But like I said, that all goes out the window if K-State can't get a win tomorrow.

According to the Nielsen numbers, Kansas City dunks St. Louis when it comes to college basketball viewership. You know what else KC dunks St. Louis in? EVERYTHING.

Despite K-State's back-to-back road wins over Baylor and Missouri, Sports Illustrated still has us only "In the Mix" for an NCAA Tournament bid, rather than in the "Should Be In" column. That's an interesting decision, considering the lede of the story talks about how big wins will trump bad losses on Selection Sunday. I can't think of a team that better fits that criteria than K-State.

Back When the NBA Mattered to Me

SB Nation's Andrew Sharp takes a look at the best (and worst) dunk contests in NBA history. The 1994 contest involving Shawn Kemp and J.R. Rider is just a perfect picture of what the NBA was in the 1990s.