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K-State Slate: 2.17.12


K-State Basketball

Jamar Samuels has been dating Washburn's Ebonie Williams for almost three years now. It sounds like a good relationship, but Samuels apparently cheats at one-on-one (basketball, you jerks).

K-State Baseball

Pitching is the biggest question mark for K-State baseball this season. After losing Kyle Hunter, Evan Marshall and James Allen to the MLB Draft, that's hardly a surprise.

Big 12 Basketball

Who gets the best home-court advantage, at least in terms of foul differential? It's Missouri, and by a full foul per game.

Kansas City is the fourth-ranked market market in the country for college-basketball viewership.

Big 12 Football

Dennis Dodd has seven Big 12 schools ranked in his preseason top 25, with K-State checking in at 15.

The KU ticket scandal just won't go away

We now find out that two Lawrence police officers have been suspended after an FBI investigation indicated they were fixing traffic tickets in exchange for KU basketball tickets.

Delta State Fighting Oooooooooooooooooookras

Would you mess with this mascot? No, no you wouldn't. It's a fighting Okra. It will throw you a football. Then it will give you an intimidating look before annihilating you and spiking the ball over your corpse.