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K-State Slate: 2.14.12


K-State Basketball

K-State couldn't capitalize on Jamar Samuels' best game of the season and lost at home to KU, 59-53.

The Jayhawks did everything they could in the final minutes of the game to keep K-State within striking distance, but the Wildcats couldn't take advantage of KU's turnovers and missed free throws.

Hope you weren't trying to watch the game on Time Warner Cable in Kansas City last night, because you missed most of the first half if you did. Of course, K-State pretty much missed the first half, too, so you have something in common.

Big 12 Basketball

Baylor overwhelmed Iowa State for a 79-64 win to snap its two-game losing streak.


According to SEC policy, students cannot be seated in the first 25 rows between the 30 yard lines behind the opposing team's bench. Guess where Texas A&M's students and band traditionally sit stand? And guess who's throwing a fit about it? Poor aggy.