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K-State Slate: 2.10.12


K-State Basketball

Shane Southwell hasn't had the breakout season we had been hoping to see, struggling to adjust to what was supposed to be an increased role this year.

Once again, Peter has an excellent preview of this Saturday's K-State/Texas showdown.

Frank Martin sent a letter to K-State students yesterday, acknowledging that he needs to cut down on the profanity on the sidelines, and asking that they do the same in the stands. After attending four games this season, I can honestly say I had no idea what this letter was referencing until I asked some people.

Big 12 Conference

It sounds like West Virginia and the Big East have reached a settlement. West Virginia will pay $11 million to the conference, while the Big 12 will kick in the other $9 million, probably to be paid out of Texas A&M's and Missouri's liquidated damages. Meanwhile, the Big 12 will release its 2012 football schedule today.

College Football Playoff

Dr. Saturday has a few suggestions for the proposed four-team college-football playoff.