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Heisman Trophy Open Thread: Thanks, Collin

Collin Klein won't win tonight, and the worldwide leader probably won't talk about him as much as many of you would like. Prepare your persecution complex accordingly.

Mike Stobe

The Heisman Trophy presentation begins at 7:00 p.m., CST. If you don't already know what channel it's on, take a wild guess.

K-State senior quarterback Collin Klein is a finalist for the award, and will be featured in the presentation tonight. But he's not going to win. A mid-November debacle at Baylor seemingly derailed Klein's chances, opening the door for either Johnny Manziel or Manti Te'o to take home the stiff-arm trophy.

I've made my peace with it. I suggest you do the same. But in case you haven't or can't, prepare your persecution complex accordingly. The worldwide leader will undoubtedly provide you plenty of fodder tonight.

Instead of raging against a machine that (partially) feeds on your rage, let's thank the senior from Loveland, Colo., for what he's done in Manhattan. From starting as a wide receiver, to a two-year run of brilliance, marrying a star athlete from the basketball team, graduating with his finance degree, and leading K-State to a conference title this season, we have a lot for which to thank Collin Klein.

Thanks, Collin.