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K-State Slate: 12.6.12

K-State receives Offensive, Defensive and Coach of the year in the All-Big 12 honors.




The narrative on the Heisman is interesting to say the least. I'd laugh if Klein wins it, just because of the lead up to the award ceremony. When neither of the other 2 candidates have tied/set an NCAA record or established a new record by doing something no other QB has ever done in CFB, I don't think you dismiss the gent who did. None of them are bad players, but the media drooling over 2 instead of three candidates is making me not partake of their product more. The Heisman is officially the 'what have you done lately for me award.'

If this article is correct, it could be a long night for the Cat faithful on Jan 3rd.

Is it true that the Wildcats haven't won a bowl since 2002?

Record number of Cats on the AP conference teams. Article from K-State Sports.

$2,000 for seats in the front row between the 30 and 40 yard lines. But lots of Cats going to the game.

At least 2,000 students will be at the game.


Irving doing yeoman work on the court as a senior.


They spelled our name right, but other than moisture is bad for grain, not sure what this article says.

Remember Addicted to Quack is our most hated rival for the next month. Feel free to visit, but play nice on their site and remember you are visitor so follow their rules.