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K-State Slate: 12.5.12

I'll never get tired of this image. The anticipation of an award ceremony, the countdown to the bowl game and almost time to focus on basketball.




You can watch the demolition live on K-StateHD.TV, which might offer the best view since you can't get too close. I hope they have a bunch of cameras like Mythbusters. Cool picture of the press box in this article.

Link to image of KU bowl shirt.

Articles like this are fun to read.

Entertaining preview of the game that takes place on Jan 3rd.

If you don't like Chris Harper, then you need to read this article.

A recap of the Heisman race. I think this is the same article as a one of the previous 2, but the Columbus, OH paper had a nice story on Mr. Klein.

I might have to purchase my ticket through the Ducks, it could be fun sitting amongst the Duck fans. Anyway keep posting info on tickets since I'll be looking to purchase one later in the week when I have time. I doubt that I can find one in the lowest level where I can get good pictures and I seriously doubt that BotC can finagle me a press pass since the SEC didn't grant Spencer a press pass for their championship game.

Later in the week I'll post some info on the bowl and visiting the valley of the sun. A BotC meetup is tentatively planned and it might be a tailgate. If anyone knows where the pep rally is going to be held, shoot me an email.


Lady Cats beat Lady Shockers.


Some honors for the Lady Cats.


NBAF news, although not what you expected.