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K-State Slate: 12.4.12

This is a lot better than finishing 5th in the Big XII. Vamos a la fiesta!

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Looking for Fiesta Bowl Tickets? The tickets are in demand, with the expectation of over 40,000 Cats traveling to Phoenix. I wonder if we can get a group picture of everyone?

In an announcement that surprised no one, the three Heisman finalists were announced. A different take on it, noting that Coach Snyder is a finalist for the Eddie Robinson award.

If want a meaningless poll, then you can vote here.

The first prediction about the game and a preview of the Cats from the opposition.

K-State still #1 in the Big XII power rankings.

The mother ship has some thoughts on the bowls.

If you need to know the enemy opponent, then Addicted to Quack is a good place to start. Remember play nice on other's blogs.

Note: vamos a la fiesta = let's party according to google.


Lady Cats travel to Wichita for a game against the Lady Shockers.