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K-State Slate: 12.27.12

7 days to the bowl game, 2 days until the next basketball game.




I'd like to see Mr. Tuggle play on Sundays, then coach.

K-State has the advantage over Oregon at quarterback according to this article.

Short article on K-State at the bowl.

30,000 pounds of football equipment is headed towards the valley of the sun.

Brown and Harper are playing for the north team in the senior bowl.


According to twitter, half of the K-State men's team stuck in Chicago at the airport (note for anyone stuck in Chicago wanting to return to MHK: Amtrak leaves Chicago at 3ish and gets into Topeka around 9 ). Next games are 12/29 against UMKC, 12/31 versus South Dakota and 1/5 against Oklahoma State. If you have season tickets and will be in Phoenix when these games are played, see if you can donate your ticket to Ft. Riley or someone in town.

The Lady Cats play in Santa Barbara against UC-SB on the 12/29, in Lawrence against the lady mutant avian civil war terrorists on 1/2 and against TCU in the octogon on 1/5.