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K-State Slate: 12.21.12

From all of us at BotC, Have a Merry Christmas.



A good story that doesn't really fit into any category. Jon Kitna is teaching at a gold mine. (hat tip EveryCatAWildman)

And Spencer writes that weight gain might not be an indicator of steroid use.


Keep up with the coaching changes in CFB.

Pep rally time and place announced.

Cats prepare for the bowl game.

At least the Cats are trying to not make the same mistakes as last year in the bowl.

A summary of the Forbes article that shows you should go to K-State not the mutant avian civil war terrorist school. I might be reading meaning into what the article says.

Cats to play Charlotte in 2016.

Not sure if Jamone Boyd has been discussed, although Dakorey Johnson has been discussed. Always good to see who the players of the future are.


Lady Cats were definitely not lucky in Las Vegas on the basketball court.

A little bit more about basketball commit Jevon Thomas.


Calendar for sports teams in the KC area.

Note; The Slate publishing schedule for Monday should be the same as normal.