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K-State Slate: 12.17.12

Football and basketball.




K-State sticks with recruits and stories like this are why I like our recruiting. Congratulations Javonta, looking forward to hearing about your graduation and thanks Ms. Gerhart.

At least we have the Ducks, most hated bowl opponent, concerned about our special teams.

Kansas players are important to the K-State football team.

Quincy Morgan's little brother is committing to K-State.


Ugly wins are much better than ugly losses, K-State lost to Gonzaga in Seattle. A view of the game from the other side.

I'd be concerned if I was on the team, finishing what you start is important. I have some concerns at this point about how the Cats will finish the season, not sure what I need to see to make me confident in how the team plays.

Lady Cats lose to Lady Miners in the last minute of the game.

Jay Bilas has a nice article on toughness (pdf), that should be read by anyone thinking about playing sports.


One thing to note in a lot of these stories on recruits is how impressed they are with the atmosphere at games, specifically the Texas game. That sort of atmosphere also used to happen at basketball games, and not just the big games either. Fan support of the teams should happen every game, although I'm not sure how the horses would react to a loud crowd.