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K-State Slate: 12.14.12

Welcome future Cats to K-State. Now that you've made your decision, prepare to work hard, improve every day and learn Coach Snyder's 16 principles. And have fun.




Maybe the hot wife theory isn't how you want to prove you can recruit.

In case you had not heard, a couple of recruits announced they are heading to Manhappiness. How would you like to prepare for K-State next year with a running QB or a passing QB as the possible starter.

This gent is also headed to K-State to play football.

Not sure why an aTm site has a story on a recruit for K-State.

Schadenfreude is sometimes fun to read. Another dose of Schadenfreude? Not a column you would have read 25 years ago.


Gipson improving on and off the court.

Winning ugly is better than losing with style points.

Always nice to hear about a player recovering from an injury and contributing to a team.


Anyone know a good sports psychologist?

Big East is almost officially the big least.