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K-State Slate: 12.12.12

What random topic will gain traction today in the comments?

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If the AP poll doesn't count, why do folks care about the AP teams?

A nice article on the Fiesta Bowl quarterbacks.

A guide to the party bowl.

More information on the kicker that is now part of the K-State family, Matthew McCrane.

A column about a column about Collin Klein.

This writer might be correct about what the Heisman really is.

Troll column from the mother ship.

Notice that none of the Fox games are in the top ten viewed games this year and only 1 Big XII team played before a top ten television audience.


Rodney McGruder earns Big XII player of the week.

Brittany Chambers becomes the 10th player in school history to score 1,500 career points.