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K-State Slate: 12.10.12

K-State football and basketball.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports



Navy beat Army in the football game this weekend.

Interesting article on Jake Waters. Mr. Waters, you won't regret any time spent at K-State.

An article with some information about Oregon (our most hated*** bowl game opponent).

K-State broke the statistics predictors over the last 2 seasons.

The awards don't matter as long as you have goals to succeed in life.

Congratulations to Collin Klein for winning the Unitas Award.


Lady Cats beat University of South Dakota 68-54.

Cat's beat George Washington 65-62.


Our most hated bowl opponent's volleyball team beat the UN-L team in Omaha. The Lady Ducks are in the final 4 for the first time in program history. Congratulations Lady Ducks.


When the electronics start dying in your car, you know it is time to replace it. Unfortunately I have to be a responsible adult and not attend the Fiesta Bowl as I begin the search for a newer ride.

***Oregon is our most hated bowl opponent similiar to Iowa State being our most hated Farmageddon opponent. So far the interaction with the Ducks fans has been good and I recommend visiting