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Second Half Thread: K-State vs Texas.

Every single thing that could possibly go wrong since Collin Klein was on the cover of Sports Illustrated... has. Here comes the second half, when we punch our ticket for... somewhere in Texas.

Well, at least THIS didn't go pear-shaped on us.
Well, at least THIS didn't go pear-shaped on us.

A horrible first half, and it's pretty much entirely on the heads of the coaching staff. They came out trying to get Klein numbers, and it's patently obvious that's what was going on. As a result, we've failed to establish the run against a team we shouldn't have any trouble running against, and we're lucky to only be down one score.

Nigel Malone needs to run stairs for that stunt on the pick-six, although at least we did score. That was luck, too.

And the defense is schizophrenic. Some series, they look like nobody's ever going to gain a yard on them ever again; some... it's Baylor all over again.

Welp. Here we go. Thirty minutes to watch the season swirl down the drain. Enjoy.