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Open Games Thread: College Football Week 14

Join BOTC's open games thread for week 14 of the college football season. It's like having all your friends over for the game, but not having to buy them beer.

Dave Reginek

This is your last chance. And even at that, it's not much of a chance.

This is your last regular Saturday of college football until next September. So make the most of it.

There isn't a full slate of games today. Northern Illinois and Stanford won conference championships last night. K-State, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Florida State and Georgia Tech will play for conference championships today. There are a few other games that wouldn't otherwise be of much interest. But when this is the last football you get for almost a month, take advantage.

If Oklahoma beats TCU in Fort Worth this morning in a game that starts at 11 a.m., then K-State will play for all the Dr Pepper against Texas at 7 p.m. tonight. The K-State game thread will go live one hour before kickoff.