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The National at Midweek, 11/7/12: Discussion Thread.

The votes are counted, and the best of SB Nation's college content has been elected. Join Jon in an analysis of trends and surprises.

It's almost like they're escorting him off the premises.
It's almost like they're escorting him off the premises.

Things you won't find here: Brian Cook has not pored over discussion threads to categorize election-night butthurt. Bill Connelly has not fed all the election and exit-poll data into his mainframe to come up with interesting numbers. Spencer Hall did, in fact, alphabetize all 50 states, but discarded his article when he was informed that there might be 51 soon. Most importantly, Andy Hutchins completely failed to arrange a BlogPoll to rank the candidates.

I realize this is all very disappointing.

However, we must soldier on with our weekly overview regardless. The Alphabetical's still in the aether, as is the Heisman Horse Race, but we've got the Numerical and TWIS and the BlogPoll, and the Hot Seat Watch and Shutdown Fullback. Also included: Bill Connelly captured on video, and also examines whether Bama can adjust to Texas A&M's offense; Spencer Hall eulogizes Darrell Royal, and also accepts Mitt Romney's concession; Mike Rutherford offers up SB Nation's "official" college basketball top 25 (what, we don't get to vote?); and Bill Hanstock #TrollTides the NFL.

Now, let's get back to work before Oregon demands a recount.