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K-State Slate: 11.7.12

Wanted 3000 purple clad maniacs to attend volleyball game in Ahearn, and some football articles.

Ed Zurga



Frogs-O-War have several items posted about the upcoming game. Remember play nice on other's blogs.

K-State at Baylor game time announced as 7 p.m. on the ESPN.

Meaningless bowl predictions that we should all be angry happy about.

Highlights of Ubben's chat, full transcript also available.

An article on the offensive line with too much math.

The 17th point is to ignore the noise and continue to apply the other 16 precepts of Coach Bill Snyder.

Patterson has Kansas roots.

Coach Snyder's weekly press conference article. K-State sports notes on the press conference.


Another opportunity to pack Ahearn with purple and support the Lady Cats as they prepare to battle the mutant avian civil war terrorists.