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K-State Slate: 11.6.12

One game at a time. Keep it between the white lines.

Jamie Squire



If you like numbers then this post is for you. I did not make any comments on the article. If you visit other sites feel free to share this article.

Chapman and Lockett are Big 12 players of the week.

Tidbits about K-State in a column not about K-State.

Klein or no Klein, TCU preparing for K-State.

More thoughts about the game on Saturday from the DFW area.

Remember the days when things were not so good.

Friend of K-State David Ubben includes the memorable quote "We haven't done anything yet."

Eddie George thinks Oregon vs K-State would be a good game. Audio link in the article for the complete interview. Anyway both teams have games left before a poll not based on conference championships decides the fate of the free world.