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K-State Slate: 11.30.12

The last weekend of college football until the bowls.




Attention high school football players, consider these 2 gents and how they found a home at K-State when deciding where to play college football.

A preview from The Daily Texan for this week's games.

Barking Carnival has a solution to the Heisman candidacy of Collin Klein.

This is one of my favorite, if not most favorite K-State teams. And in large part it is because of Collin Klein. I don't care if he wins the Heisman, I don't care if we win against Texas, I'll still like this team. I would like to see him win the Heisman and I definitely want to beat Texas; but 100% effort is all I expect. Thanks Seniors especially those of you that haven't played much or had much press; you've sweated in practice and gotten better which will help you in life.

The best preview you will read of the game from the aforementioned BC. As the preview mentions, if Texas wins it helps the Aggies and Sooners; so maybe CK for all-time QB is the best solution.

Once the stadium expansion is done, we should move up from 3rd place.


The season is over for the Lady Cats unfortunately. Thanks ladies for a good season.


Dr. Dan Thomson continues the tradition of excellent teaching at K-State. Congratulations Dr. Thomson.

Is the shark jumped when the Collegian covers a website?

Understanding The Innovator's Dilemma is an interesting article. It may or may not have relevance to the college sports bubble discussion that was discussed earlier this week.