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Fanthropology: Why Do You Love K-State?

Hyundai is offering you the chance to win a pair of tickets -- plus airfare and hotel accomodations -- to any upcoming game of your choice.

Jamie Squire

Hyundai thinks college football is pretty awesome. How awesome? So awesome that in addition to sponsoring the weekly BlogPoll, they also want to hear you tell them all about why you live and breathe Wildcat football. Hyundai Fanthropology is a new contest here at SB Nation. The winner's going to get two tickets to any remaining game this season after the conclusion of the contest, along with hotel accomodations and airfare for two. (See the terms and conditions link below for details; it'll pop a PDF.)

They came to the right place. Obviously, none of us would be here if we weren't crazy about college football, especially Wildcat football. Me, I did my time in Manhappiness during the dark days between the Independence Bowl and Bill Snyder's arrival. Even then, with our team being hapless, I was still there in the stadium every home game, soaking in the experience. Since then, we've become a serious player, and pride in our accomplishments keeps me going strong.

But what about you? That's where the contest comes in. In the comments, tell us why you're a diehard K-State loyalist, and what it is about Wildcat football that won't let you go. Next week, the staff will decide which commenter deserves to move on to the next round of the contest. (You're free to opt out of this if you desire, if you just want to share your thoughts without having to take the next step, or if you simply know you can't claim the prize due to other obligations.)

One of the staff members will then have a Q&A with the winner about why we love the Cats, and we'll post that discussion as a front-page article here at BOTC. Our entry, along with the entries from all the other blogs which choose to participate, will be weighed by a panel of judges, and one entry from across all of SB Nation will be selected to win the prize. If it's you, you're off to any game you like for the rest of this season. Bear in mind that this would include a potential free trip to Miami, should the Cats find themselves in the BCS Championship Game. That's a pretty good incentive, isn't it?

(By commenting below, you are subject to and accept Hyundai's Fanthropology Sweepstakes Terms and Conditions.)