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K-State Slate: 11.15.12

Eliminate Mistakes, Never Give Up, Don't Accept Losing, No Self-Limitations.

Ed Zurga



Preview of the K-State at Baylor game.

Need to keep winning, otherwise the Cats will be treated like OSU last year. This year's Cats still have not won anything but games, need to keep sawing wood (KSW).

The recruitment of Collin Klein, snow shoveler.

Photos of the TCU game from the Merc.

Quotes from the weekly football press conference: Count the number of times you see 'one game at a time' or a variation of it.


Extra practice for Southwell pays off.

The free pizza promotion makes the news, should have served it at half.


Signing day for baseball, Cats add a pitcher to the team.


The volleyball edition of Farmageddon had the Lady Cats on the losing side in 4 sets. Sorry Clones, the tractor trophy only moves with a football victory.

Note: if you get a little bit better everyday even if you are starting as the worst at something, you can reach the top. Thanks Coach Snyder.