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K-State Slate: 11.1.12

Football, Tennis and Track.

Jamie Squire



Collin Klein interview with Fox Sports Radio from 10/9,

I'm not sure if these are backhanded compliments to K-State, but more analysis of the polls and BCS.

And a local column on the BCS.

Preview of this weekend's game against OSU. Another tough game for the Cats

Grantland article on Coach Snyder that was posted in yesterday's comments.

Yet another poll about an award that will be awarded later this year.


From the why didn't we hear about this in the news category: Petra Niedermayerova won the ITA Central Regional and has an automatic berth to the Intercollegiate Championships.


From the maybe I should attend just because it would be fun category, Coach Rovelto is offering a high jump clinic Jan 12.