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K-State Slate: 10.9.12


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Cyclones prepare for K-State, and the article says K-State is averaging 40 points a game.

Barnett is preparing for K-State and wants to do better than last year.

Nice article about Snyder from a site with annoying pop-ups.

Efficiency as a measure of football ability. "We're #1, we're #1,..." There are articles about it too.

Another article on Hubert.

Another WV is great, K-State is okay article from a site with annoying pop-ups.
Editorial: This article has the quote "Texas, which is better known for its defensive play", a brief look at shows Texas is 66 in scoring D, 86 in rushing D, 56 in passing D and 76 in total D. WV has faced the 76 (Texas), 107 (Marshall), (James Madison), 7 (Maryland) and 124 (Baylor) defenses this year. K-State currently ranks 46, so it will be interesting to see how our defense does in 2 weeks. BUT FIRST WE MUST BEAT IA-STATE #HATEIOWA FARMAGEDDON, 2 teams enter only one gets the commemorative Green Acres plate. (the plate idea is Pan's, but the link kept going to a different comment so if you like this go to yesterday's Slate and rec it.)


Lady Cats sign a center from Tampa Bay Tech.

From the 20 years is dormant category, article on the new basketball facility. No pictures though.