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K-State Slate: 10.8.12

K-State won in football and equestrian. Next game is Farmageddon.

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THIS IS HATE CORN WEEK! FARMAGEDDON corn vs WHEAT, ribs vs STEAK, whiskey vs BEER. Remember everyone hates Iowa, even Iowans.

I like what Guggisberg writes, since I tend to agree with him.

Coach Snyder explains a bad part of the game.

"They don't happen in high school football, elementary football and they shouldn't happen at this level either." Anyone know what the coach is talking about? Any guesses?

A miserable job is what the coach calls the start of the game.

Five things from the game.

Despite the bad start to the game, the Cats are still leading at least one poll.

Willie the Wildcat is noted for tackling.

Rationalizing WVU's ranking, or should I say rationalizing WVU's offense since I'm not sure they have a defense. (hint: beating a team that is 2-7 in its last 9 games at home by 3 points is not a great achievement )

I'm not sure about this tactic, but the Charles is getting much money to implement it.


We will not mention this again, the Lady Cats lost on Saturday.


The Lady Cats beat the Lady Bears on Friday in Manhattan. I have no idea what Equitation is, but our team did good in it.


K-State graduate lands role in TV series.