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K-State Slate: 10.30.12

One game at a time for the football team and a basketball game tonight.

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Jamie Squire



If all 4 teams remain undefeated, the best case yet for a playoff. If you really want to discuss the BCS, participation in the BCS open thread is encouraged.

Still lots of wood to saw during the rest of this season.

In the things that don't matter because it is not an official ballot category, some dude from CO who used to play wide receiver might be leading a race for a trophy of some sort. Don't read the press Cats, just go out and play 4 quarters of football each week until the season is over.

OSU has respect for Klein, but they want to win. Keep rowing the boat Cats.

Coach Gundy press conference report via tweets.

Bama is 2nd in the UPS Performance Index, about .93 points behind the Cats. Oregon is 3rd, trailing the top 2 by about 10 points.

At the very least, Coach Snyder is focusing on each game.


7 p.m. on Fox Sports Midwest, the Cats play Washburn tonight.

Mr. Rodriguez wants to become better and has been working on ways to cut down on turn overs.

The Cats are looking for leaders on the court this year.

All the women's home games will be broadcast this year.


Condolence's to the family and friends of Thomas McCord, a sophomore in English at K-State.