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K-State Slate: 10.29.12

Cats win, Lady Cats win and the basketball team is trying for more consistency.

Jamie Squire



K-State is number 2 in the BCS, for analysis and comments head over to this BCS discussion thread. Jon found a decent analysis article on the world wide leader, there might be others out there. For the Cats, all that matter is winning games.

Nothing else helps them and losing will just have every UO and ND fan saying 'told you we were worthy and you aren't.' The Dallas News lets us know that K-State needs style points and wins for the rest of the year to maintain its current location in the BCS.

BTW in case you had not noticed, K-State beat Texas Tech on Saturday. Next up for the Cats is Oklahoma State, this could be fun as teams bring their A game against the Cats.

Collin Klein receives some nice press coverage with annoying unrelated video for no extra charge.


The #16 Lady Cats beat the Lady Bears in 4 sets as 3,000 fans watched.


Cap-Journal has a nice article on Jordan Henriquez.