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BCS Standings Open Thread: 10.28.12

With Florida's loss, K-State should move to No. 2 in the BCS standings. But with Oregon still rolling and Notre Dame's win over Oklahoma, will the Wildcats be able to hold onto that spot?

Home of the No. 2 team in this week's BCS standings.
Home of the No. 2 team in this week's BCS standings.
Jamie Squire

There isn't much I can say that Morse didn't already say in The National today.

Samuel Chi predicts K-State will move to No. 2 in the BCS standings, taking over the spot vacated by Florida after its loss to Georgia over the weekend. Nobody seriously doubts that, but whether K-State can remain there if Oregon and Notre Dame continue to win is somewhat in doubt. For now, I'll just present the facts of each team's resume and let you decide.

Here are K-State, Oregon and Notre Dame's resumes today, in order of best wins to worst wins (remaining games in parentheses):

K-State: Oklahoma, Texas Tech, West Virginia, Iowa State, Miami, North Texas, Kansas, Missouri State (Oklahoma State, @Baylor, @Texas Christian, Texas)

Notre Dame: Oklahoma, Michigan, Stanford, BYU, Michigan State, Miami, Purdue, Navy (Pittsburgh, @Boston College, Wake Forest, @USC)

Oregon: Arizona, Washington, Arizona State, Fresno State, Arkansas State, Washington State, Colorado, Tennessee Tech (@USC, @Cal, Stanford, @Oregon State, Pac-12 Championship Game)