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K-State Slate: 10.26.12

Eliminate mistakes, Never Give Up, Don't accept losing, No self-limitations, Expect To Win, Consistency, Leadership, Responsibility.

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Article on Arthur Brown.

Article on Ty Zimmerman with quotes from Arthur Brown.

You can read about Mr. Klein's Heisman candidacy here, or read Ahearn Alley on the subject, or read about the mailer. Remember Heisman voter's he already tied the single season rushing TD's by a QB, last year.

Very nice article on Doege and Klein from Lubbockonline.

Big XII power rankings.

Predictions on games that take place this weekend.

Crud, I have to root for the Sooners according to this article.

Mr. Miller's response to K-State e-mails. I wonder if UO would have only played the game in Manhattan?

editorial: Lubbock has had the same weather as Manhattan for the most part all week, as such weather should not be a factor. You have 2 senior quarterbacks who lead their teams and would rather win games than awards. I have no idea what the odds are for this game because it doesn't matter, the Cats just need to continue implementing the 16 points of Bill Snyder.


The Lady Cats play Baylor at 7 p.m. tomorrow night, Pack Ahearn with purple.