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K-State Slate: 10.23.12

Football: One game at a time. No Mistakes. Keep it between the white lines.

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If you like numbers and comparing numbers, you'll love this article. (hat tip to Morse).

I can't wait to see the justification for OU jumping K-State in the polls.

If you avoid making mistakes, good things happen. Or at least one formula rewards you.

What is Texas Tech thinking saying? Read this and find out.

Just keep winning games, nothing else matters. If the Cats keep winning, who cares what others are saying. Show the folks who are ignoring the Cats by playing one game at a time without mistakes.

K-State does not have a first place vote in the polls by humans. The computers mostly like K-State though.


Consistency can make dreams come true.


I think if you are going to claim something that you need to have facts rather than opinion on your side. So far I have yet to see ANY official Oregon communication from 2010 that states K-State canceled the series with Oregon. All the K-State material I have found has the key word mutual in it. As has been pointed out on BotC, the need to cancel the series was due to re-alignment.

There is one writer for the Register Guard who has written things recently which is a mix of quotes and opinion, but again no official communication from Oregon back in 2010. Articles written today seem to have a little bit of a bias, also known as trying to spin the story so that an advantage is gained. As TB writes back in 2010, don't let the facts get in your way of having an opinion.
( if someone does find an official UO communication stating it was not mutual, feel free to email it to me and I'll post the link tomorrow )