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K-State Slate: 10.22.12

Equestrian, Football, Golf, Tennis and Volleyball.

Justin K. Aller



Fifth straight win for the Lady Cats.


Just keep winning one game at a time. Nothing else matters other than the next opponent. The last game doesn't matter either, although Derek has his analysis of the WVU game posted.

The K-State report on the game including a set of really great pictures. Nice work Mr. Chris Jackson, very good pictures. BTW K-STATE SI, the camera sounds are not needed.

Everything the Cats did to WVU, so did Texas Tech. The Cats have to focus and execute to beat Tech. The 50,000 purple clad maniacs in Bill Snyder Family Stadium are going to play an important role in this game.

Both Tech and Texas Christian can score the football a lot. Cats will have to bring the A game to beat the four teams in Texas.

If the Cats keep winning, then there will be more articles like this. Nice to see, positive articles on the Cats.

Uh-oh, someone on the west coast is saying we backed out of a game, when everyone knows it was a mutual decision because of re-alignment. From here on out, I'm saying Oregon backed out of playing K-State, just because I can.


Lady Cats are in ninth in Vegas.


Niedermayerova and Kubickova continue to represent the Cats well at the ITA regional


The Lady Cats defeated Texas Tech on Saturday.