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BCS Standings Open Thread

This week's BCS standings will be announced at 7:30 p.m. on ESPN. K-State is expected to move past Oregon into third place, and this is your open thread for discussion.

Justin K. Aller

Any questions?

While K-State faces five more difficult tests this season, it affirmed its earlier road win over Oklahoma and cemented its position as a national title contender with a 55-14 blowout win over West Virginia in Morgantown. The game was never in doubt as the Mountaineers were unable to stop Collin Klein and the K-State offense. Meanwhile, the K-State defense frustrated and harassed Geno Smith, holding WVU to 243 total yards.

With the win, K-State is projected to move past Oregon into third place in this week's BCS standings. Interestingly, Florida moved past K-State in the Coaches' Poll on the strength of the Gators' 44-11 beatdown of South Carolina, while K-State held steady at No. 4 in the AP Poll. As our own Jon Morse astutely pointed out, K-State gained 30 points on Oregon in the Coaches' Poll, and gained points on both Oregon and Florida in the AP Poll.

Another interesting number pointed out last night: K-State has three road wins against top 25 teams. That's more than Alabama, Florida, Oregon and Notre Dame ... combined. Of course, Alabama is still unanimously No. 1 because they look like the best team in the country, although I like Matt Hinton's inclination to defer to actual results, not the eyeball test.

In any event, don't fret about what's going on in the Southeastern Conference. Only one team can emerge from the SEC without a loss, so either Alabama or Florida is going to lose eventually. Other than actually winning all of our remaining games -- no sure thing, that -- the biggest concern with regard to the national title race is an undefeated SEC team and K-State matching up with an undefeated Oregon or Notre Dame. Logically, I think we would have a better résumé than either team, but we're all painfully aware that logic doesn't decide who plays in the national title game.

Anyway, this is your open thread to discuss the BCS standings when they're announced at 7:30 p.m. Go Cats!