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K-State Slate: 10.2.12

Pelger is player of the week for the 2nd time this year. Some football articles and pictures.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images



Preview of the game Saturday with annoying video embedded link for the day.

Will Crist step up enough to silence his critics?

It seems like a good idea, but is magnifying the importance of the game a good idea for the other school?

Snyder's weekly press conference had questions about his one meal a day plan.

K-State sports has a game day week post up. Interesting idea.

Doerr article based on last week's interview, hopefully we don't punt on Saturday.


Pelger wins player of the week award for 2nd time this year.


Equestrian team beat UT-Martin, 13-7.


Men's golf team lead the Colbert Classic after 36 holes.

Other Stuff

K-State student working on better battery technology. (no technical details)

Best college football pictures of the week.

I miss In-N-Out burgers even if they don't help me play better football like OR-State.