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K-State Slate: 10.19.12

Are you ready for football?

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Once nice thing about winning, the articles on Bill Snyder.

Geno Smith receives compliments from the Cats.

Bowl predictions, in case you were wanting to plan travel based on what someone thinks.

Game predictions, in case you were wanting to spend time with the family instead of watching games.

WVU fans making video to answer the Mask's video. Anyone surprised?

Collegian editorial on the lack of respect K-State football receives.

Another day, another game preview.

Bill C once again hates K-State. I'm not sure what his problem is, we should all probably chip in for counseling. Bill C needs to embrace his inner Wildcat.

Most of you probably don't remember the portable lights used for night games. A brief look at the 1982 Cats victory over the mutant avian civil war terrorists from down river.

Over at SmokingMusket Smitty is pumping up the Mountaineer faithful. If you don't laugh at this, you are taking the game internet too seriously.

And go vote for CK.