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K-State Slate: 10.18.12

Football, Volleyball and Basketball.



Before we get to sports:

You can read yesterday's slate if want to get the low down on events unrelated to actual competition on the field of play. Smoking Musket had a good response to the situation and I think everyone should read Spencer Hall's "Where you are from sucks."

For those traveling to Morgantown, Smoking Musket has guides to fine dining, drinking places and attractions. Nice of them to put these together. Good places to visit on campus are the Jerry West and Mountaineer Statues, the Woodburn Circle (oldest buildings on campus) and the PRT system is a must ride. If you are looking for burgers Smoking Musket says Five Guys, Boston Beanery, Tailpipe and Gibbies are all decent. And we can continue the discussion about the actual elevation of Morgantown since the response I received was the Wikipedia elevation of 960'. Thanks Smoking Musket for answering my questions about Morgantown.


Nice article about the ol' school football K-State plays.

Is K-State seeking respect on the football field or off of it?

The Gridiron Cats of course are saying the right things about WVU. Would you expect differently from Bill Snyder?

Please do not take a drink every time you hear Mr. Klein compared to Tim Tebow, you will die.

Go Vote for Mr. Klein, with your help he can win an award of some sort.


We will never speak of this again, some school down river beat the Lady Cats in four sets.


Expanded role for McGruder. Interesting article, very interesting.


3rd Tier Media agreement announced. I think each agreement is improving and making K-State sports more available.

On Campus

Union food vendor may terminate contract. I'd like to see them get back to the union cooking their own food instead of having vendors.