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K-State Slate: 10.17.12

Football Wednesday as the Cats prepare to play the Mountaineers.

Matthew Holst - Getty Images



The game that could define the season for WV and K-State, maybe.

Did the Texas Tech victory over West Virginia provide Coach Snyder with a blueprint to victory?

Defense exists in the Big XII, believe it or not.

The K-State Collegian defends K-State and Mr. Klein.

Not sure WV is our straight third ranked opponent, but another article on K-State @ WVU.

And I have no idea why a Texas picture is illustrating an article on the Cats. Hopefully it was random and not someone confusing Texas Tech and Texas as the team that stopped the Mountaineer Express.

Meanwhile over at the Capitol Journal, Haskin has some interesting musings.

I'm not sure what to make of press coverage that includes injury reports, it seems unfamiliar. weird.

Today in schadenfreude UN-L wants to be like K-State and Notre Dame.