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K-State Slate: 10.16.12

The best time of the year with basketball and football.

Matthew Holst - Getty Images



SportsDayDFW has K-State at #1 in its power rankings for the Big XII.

K-State controls its destiny, just need to play one game at a time and win.

Some writers are funny, some try to be funny. At least K-State is spelled correctly.

A brief mention of K-State @ WVU.

A longer preview of the game.

And The Mercury has a preview as well.

Arthur Brown receives press coverage. I'm glad he's a Wildcat

BON's blog poll article, do not laugh at the first comment. Again please do not laugh at the first comment.


New Coach, same players; could be a fun year.

The players are more relaxed, and enjoying basketball, not to mention they like K-State.

Women's team ready to play basketball.