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K-State Slate: 10.15.12

K-State ranked in top 5, needs to keep winning.

Matthew Holst - Getty Images



One game at a time. One game at a time. Nothing else matters, regardless of who writes it..

BCS discussion is here.

Poll rankings are here. Just in case you didn't know K-State was 4, 3, 4 (AP, Coaches', BCS).

West Virginia is the early favorite, opened at 3.5 and now at 3.

Preview of the K-State @ WVU game.

The FARMAGEDDON grades for K-State. Quotes from the post game presser.

Derek's post-game analysis is up.

Collin Klein continues to do well. Heisman contenders ranked. Also ranked here. It all boils down to continuing what has got you this far, playing football. If the team wins, then CK recieves an invite to NYC; otherwise he'll stay in the Little Apple.

Since the Cats are bowl eligible, someone at decided they needed a bowl landing page. A schedule of the Big XII bowls is up, including all the BCS bowls. I'm blaming the athletic department if we lose a game. They could make the ticket deadline after the last game instead of the day before. I hope the players continue to focus on one game at a time and getting a little bit better each day.


In case you missed it with all the focus on football, the Lady Cats beat TCU. The ranked Lady Cats won in three sets.